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Effexor Side Effects

I felt like a drug-addic trying to quit -No that I had crawing for more medicine. It took a month of withdrawl. Patients post their experiences and side effects with

I felt like a drug-addic trying to quit -No that I had crawing for more medicine. It took a month of withdrawl. Patients post their experiences and side effects with, effexor and, effexor,. I have started scratching and picking my skin on my back and arms. The worst part is that I began to gain a lot of weight once I went without medicine for two weeks. Migraines, dizziness, nauseous, rare dreams, insomnia, nightmares. It has helped me enormously. Consumer ratings reports for effexor. I'm going to have to have liver biopsy. Posted by: allineed at ive been with Effexor for almost 2 months now, I recently missed 2 days worth of my dose and suddenly, I been having harmful thoughts. Includes 2153 patient rankings on scale of 1-5, comments, side effects, dosage, sex, age, time taken. The capsules do not consist of granules but of tablets with each.5. My deoderant doesn't work anymore. He was so wrong. After quitting I started taking Wellbutrin, and it changed my life. Page 1. My psychiatrist started me on 150 MG of this back in 2013 after a suicide attempt landed me in a psych ward.

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I slowly took myself off the two medications and increased my Yoga cialis generic online india and meditation practice. Posted by: monique beaupre at Effexor XR is horrible. F 46 8 years 150 mg 3/21/2017 3 depression, irritability, ruminatio weight gain, hypertension, numbness, sleepiness, lack of energy/initiative/motivation, and decreased verbal ability. I viagra online cheap usa only country had no side effects coming down over one month from 225mg Did it from docs samples. In order to come off the drug and try something new, I admitted myself - and was in the hospital for about two weeks, because I knew it would be awful. I've tried zoloft,wellbutrin,prozac, then finally back prednisone 10 mg tablet for dogs to effexor. I need to be a better person before university starts, but how can I if the thing that is supposedly trying to make me feel better (and indeed, it did) is suddenly turning my life into a living nightmare. All in all it helps the main problem of my depression. F 41 3 years 150mg 3/2/2016 Email 1 Chronic ptsd depression anxiety It was working until i start having rash hair loss tooth 32 of them need to be extracted black heads blisters I don't know for a fact that it's from meds they still. I have gained 20 lbs which is depressing in itself so I decided to stop taking it on my own. My mood swings were out of this world. F 15 years 150 MGS 1X D 8/23/2017 2, depression, extreme Sweating, no sexual drive, excessive thirst, sophia viagra actress hottest body 2015 military reunion not wanting to be around people.

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Sick of cialis being sick! Brain zaps like electric shocks, severe aggression and irritability, flu like symptoms, and at times self harm as the aggression would turn inward. I just got lucky.Again I've been totally off of it for over a week. After using effexor effetti foew months, MY mood WAS great, BUT afteeaad ballooned UP TO 175LBS. Anyone who takes this medicine should be given the facts up front eventide about the long term side affects of this medicine. Still it is better than being in the darkness of depression. So don't give up! To make a long story short: After being 2 years on this drug I had to spend another 2 years tapering. On top of this I felt distant like i didn't belong. However, not taking a dose regularly or with enough food would often lead to intense vomiting for days at a time. Some other side effects I have are I can't orgasm like I used.

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By the 4th wk, was completely tapered to 75mg. Now I'm heavier than during my pregnancies, going from around 130 when I started it to 160 now and I'm only 5'1". Honestly I felt emotionally numb, dissociated with my own body. F 56 15 years 150 2X D 6/1/2015 3 major depression disorder I had difficulty sleeping at first, but no other side effects. Now, they think i did not have ADD. THe withdrawl is really bad from effexor, no doubt, one has to do it in minute amounts. Then I experienced a severe hypertension crisis, and had to see a cardiologist. The withdrawal has been pure hell and I started a low dose of Prozac to get me through the withdrawal. Effexor XR turned me from a total recluse scared of even being around people to a social butterfly. That I feel like I could laugh at a funeral all the time. M Please think hard about your choice to start an antidepressant, especially this one. Nausea, headaches,brain zaps, stomach cramps, fatigue, irritability, crying for no reason, increased depression and anxiety.

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It was as though I wasn't really there. Posted by: Dixie at I have clomid been on antidepressants for 10 years, I tok then coz reviews i had a work accident and effects hurt my back and neck the doc said this will help with the pain, well it did help at first, and it did. Reducing gradually went fine without any severe withdrawal. Ladies and doctors considering which antidepressant to use, please consider this. I took my pill on the monday, not to have a pill untill wednesday. I feel like vomiting as well.