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Read More I've been on Effexor for about 6 months now, and I've been able to lose weight, as well as gain weight. This prevents the drug from further disrupting

homeostatic metabolism and other physiological functions (e.g. Some believe that even the small increase in norpinephrine is capable of helping certain people lose weight by speeding up their homeostatic metabolism. Buy, effexor, xR, online. Did you gain weight while taking Effexor? I started loseing weight on the wellbutrin SR but he switched me to the XL because he said the SR doesn't go any higher then 200mg. Save Up To 95 Good Morning; IN the side effects. I have always been slim and was on medication before to gain weight. If the drawbacks significantly outweigh any benefits, you may be better off with a different treatment. Has anyone who's takin wellbutrin noticed any weight gain (and can say this weight gain was most likey caused by the wellbutrin)? Effexor, xr says, loss. Read More Funny how every pamphlet notes weight loss as a side effect - not weight gain. I'm not sure if the Effexor contributed to the weight loss or if it was due to the depression from my husband leaving. 5 Answers - Posted in: effexor, obesity, weight - Answer: Hello, Loss of appetite and weight loss are common side effects of this. You have to find out what suits you personally. Energy boost : For some people, even the minor action on norepinephrine can serve as a significant energy boost. But I don't have a sex drive, either.

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Those taking a lower dose may not experience much of any weight fluctuation simply because their bodys natural functioning hasnt become as disrupted. The effexor weight gain stomach problems viagra orodispersibile farmacie firenze apartments reviews end of 09 started my gaining again. I've buy generic cialis from india been on Ven for 6 months now after being on Duloxetine for many years. Some would consider its effects on norepinephrine negligible. Other meds) that may have contributed to weight gain. I have cut ben stiller female viagra jimmy fallon my calories, cut my sugar, went to a Nutrisionist, ate exactly how I am supposed to, exercised everyday, cardio and weights. While taking Effexor I gained weight at 3-5lbs. I really would like to know what to do and how to go about finding the right doctor to go to or better yet zithromax price in philippines what it could possible. Not everyone will gain weight from this drug. I just got back on prozac and the weight is starting to drop. Read More Hey, i'm sure there has been alot of posts regarding this topic but I really wanted to ask for myself.

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Many people dont realize that things like: stress level, hormones, dietary intake, exercise, genetics, and physiology can determine whether someone gains weight. That said, serotonin is targeted to a significantly greater extent by this medication, which could result in a slowed metabolism. Ive had this befor and every doctor keeps giveing me drugs like effexor and so on it just makes it worst ill be fine for a while and then it always comes back. It is thought that nearly 30 of people taking high-doses of Effexor will complain of weight gain. So let's try and get this poison banned! If you have taken Effexor or are currently taking it, feel free to share whether you noticed any weight gain or other weight changes throughout your treatment. I've been able to lose weight. If the medication is working well to treat your depression and anxiety, you may be able to justify small or moderate changes in weight while undergoing treatment. Maybe venlafaxine is slightly different to straight out effexor i do not know but whatever the case, i found myself losing weight on them and the only time i gained weight was when i took Quetiapine on top of them. I've always been obsessive with excercise and dieting, yet none of this has ooo frustrating. It is important to consider that your stress level may have increased and/or your dietary intake may have changed since starting to take Effexor.

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Unfortunately, I didn't know about the horrible side effects. Read More I feel like like my sugar is low and I need to eat some thing. Has anyone tried Metformin for weight loss? Finally I was on effexor for 3 years and I decided to come off because I felt like they were doing worse than better for. Doctors generally consider Effexor to be a weight neutral antidepressant in that it is less likely to cause weight gain than other antidepressants, but that doesnt mean its impossible to gain weight while taking.

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Read More Will I gain weight or loss weight by takeing 300mg of Wellbutrin XL a day? Theres no telling exactly how much weight you will gain from taking this drug. Some individuals notice that certain hormone levels shift and this may account for changes in weight. I've put on a huge amount of weight in this time although I eat healthily and never exceed around 1,500 cals.